A Guide To SEO That Even Kids Can Follow

Search Engine Optimisation for Kids

SEO or search engine optimization may seem quite daunting at first, however, the main principles are relatively simple. Unfortunately, there are many people that profit from making SEO look complicated, but it isn’t. To put it simply, SEO is the practice of optimising a website so that it ranks higher in search engines such as Bing, Google etc. The rankings are all due to each search engine’s particular ranking algorithm, which changes over time. So, with that said, we will now look at how you can do SEO that even a kid can follow.

Now, one of the first things you need to do is determine the right keywords for your website. It is generally advisable that you target long tail keywords on your site as oppose to shorter keywords since these are quite competitive and they are not easy to monetize. To put it simply, the keyword “dog” will have many millions of monthly searches whereas a keyword such as
“collars for border collies” will have maybe a few hundred or thousand of monthly searches. The latter keyword is a long tail keyword that won’t be as competitive to rank for as the keyword, “dog” and it will also be more profitable. After all, people who are searching “dog” are probably just looking for general information on dogs. Whereas, the people who are searching for “collars for border collies” are much more interested in buying a particular type of collar. These people have a higher buyer intent, which is exactly the type of keywords you should focus on.

SEO for Beginners

Once you have your keywords, you will need to optimize each page on your site. It is best to group similar keywords together and every particular group should be for a corresponding page. You will then use these keywords throughout the page and focus them on the title, headlines, alt text for pictures, meta description etc. However, care should be taken not to over optimise since this can lead to a penalty.

Next, you will need to do off page optimisation which is building backinks. There are many different types of backlinks such as guest posts, niche edits, PBN links, blog comment links etc. It is best to build a varied backlink profile and ensure that you use appropriate anchor texts when building links. You should also ensure that your site has a social media presence as well as social media links.

Conclusion – Beginners’ Guide to SEO

In closing, we have just simplified all of the major steps of SEO. So, with that said, be sure to continue learning and expanding your knowledge so that you can become an expert SEO.